Building Woody Joe’s 1/72-scale Kitamaebune Kit – Part 10

Being at home more during the COVID-19 crisis, I’m doing my best to get ahead on my many projects. The kitamaebune model, based on the Woody Joe kit, is nearing completion. I’m now dealing with a set of custom sails now, and I want to get them right. It will probably take a couple attempts, but I hope to have this project wrapped up in the next couple weeks.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

I’m now in the final stages of the building of Woody Joe’s Kitamaebune model kit. I’m working on the sails and rigging and dealing with a few small remaining details.

The kit sails are very nice, and have the sail seams and lacings printed on them. From a normal viewing distance, they look great, and I’ve gotten compliments from those who glanced at them and thought I’d stitched them. But, I’m going to need a main sail as well as one at the bow and I want them to match. The only way to do that is to make them both.

The big issue is that I’d love to be able to detail the Japanese-style sails, which are made of separate panels that are laced together. The design is such that the sails are effectively self-reefing, so that they spill the wind when it gusts. This design is more apparent…

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