Welcome to my personal ship modeling news site. I’ve been a wood ship model builder for more than 20 years and have recently delved into card models as well. Here you will find information about my ship modeling projects, the clubs and organizations I’m affiliated with, and news about events and the general goings-on within the general ship modeling community.

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Note that I’ve made some changes to this site as of 10/23/17. In the past, all blog posts would show up automatically when you land here. Now, I’ve made this welcome page the landing page, so there is one extra step to reading my blog posts, you have to click on the All News menu or on the link above. Or, to read my build log posts, you have to click on the Build Logs menu or use the link above. I did this as it actually makes it easier with this WordPress-powered site to separate out my build logs from the mainstream news.

This was necessary as I am planning to put more emphasis on the build logs here, and a little less on ship modeling forums. This gives me more control over content, and I hope that in the long run, it will make for better build logs. Also, if I increase the number of build log posts, it may tend to clutter up the general news posts, so I thought it might be better to pull the build posts out.

If you want to follow a specific build log, simply hover over the Build Logs menu and choose the specific project you’re interested in. If you just want to read my latest build log posts, simply click on the Build Logs menu.

For a look at my current or past projects, you can find write ups at marinemodelartist.com.

If your specifically interested in Japanese watercraft modeling, I have separated that subject into its own blog at wasenmodeler.com.

Or, check out recommended sites, vendors, etc., on my Resources pages in the menu above.