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Building a Himi Tenma in 1/10 Scale – Part 1

Beginning the second model related to Douglas Brooks’s 2019 research trip to Japan. This is a 1/10 scale model of a small workboat called a Tenma or Tenmasen. The term is a very common one for workboats. This particular design comes from Himi, in western Toyama prefecture.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

You might recall that In the Fall of 2019, boat builder Douglas Brooks had developed a project together with Nina Noah of an organization called The Apprenticeshop, to go to Japan and build two traditional Japanese boats with two different Japanese boat builders.

I wrote about modeling the first of the two boats, the Niigata Honryousen, which he had built with Mr. Nakaichi Nakagawa and Nina Noah. But, it’s the second of the two boats that was the main subject of the project. The second boat was the Himi Tenmasen.

Photo by Ben Meader

The Himi Tenmasen, or Himi Tenma, was built by Douglas Brooks and Nina Noah, under the guidance of Mr. Mitsuaki Bansho, a Japanese boatbuilder who was the only one of five brothers to follow in his father’s trade, who was also a boatbuilder. After his father’s passing, Bansho-san primarily built fiberglass boats…

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