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Building the DNB Maru – A Niigata Honryousen – Final

Finished up this 1/10-scale model of a small riverboat from Niigata prefecture, Japan. The model is on it’s way to its new owner, who was a donor for Douglas Brooks’s project to build a full-sized version of this and one other boat.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

The Honryousen model is done and been sent to its new owner in Washington state.

The blocks at the ends of the hull turned out to be somewhat challenging to make due to a combination of the way they fit notches cut into the hull planks, plus the angle of the tateita, or the bow and stern planks. Also, the blocks have a peak in the center that look best if they are roughly level with the waterline. That’s not always the case in these types of boats as I’ve seen in photos.

The small deck at the stern wasn’t too much of a problem. I began by making a funabari, or beam, which I notched into the hull planking. As there are no fasteners used, the shallow notch I cut was helpful in holding the beam in place. The inward pressure of the hull planks also help to hold…

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