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Building Woody Joe’s 1/72-scale Kitamaebune Kit – Part 9

Getting close to finishing a customized build of Woody Joe’s Kitamaebune kit. This 1/72 scale kit is similar to their Higaki Kaisen kit, so much of the build was familiar territory. This is the final detailing before adding the yards and sails.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

I’ve finally made significant progress, though most of it doesn’t really show, as so much is in the small details – the simulated copper coverings are finally done!

This took me a while as I kept thinking I was done. Then, I’d think some more and realize there was some other feature I wanted to add. I’d no sooner finish that, than realize I really should add yet another feature. This cycle has repeated itself many times, but I think it’s over now, and I can put that equipment away.

The next item I decided is pretty straight forward and related to the vinyl “coppering” details. Often times, the coastal transports, known generally as bezaisen, are shown with nail heads in the bulwarks fences. Adding these at this scale may be a mistake, but I’ve started down the road – No turning back now. I drilled out all the necessary holes which will…

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