Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 1

While I don’t need to start any new projects, as I’ve got a enough irons in the fire, as it were, I started feeling that I need to generate some personal ship modeling momentum. I have had Shipyard’s laser-cut Papegojan kit that I was given about a year ago, but another model in one of my ship model clubs is currently building one, and I don’t want to complete with his.

What I’ve really been interested in trying out is Shipyard’s laser-cut HMS Wolf kit, a 1/72-scale model of an 18th century snow-rigged brig of war. But there are really 3 different kits that I’d like to kind of “test out”. But, one of these is a bit involved to merely test out, and that’s Shipyard’s 1/72 scale HMS Wolf kit.

Marketing photo of HMS Wolf from Shipyard’s website.

As you may or may not recall, I did a write up and out-of-the-box review when the kit was first released back in 2015: That was almost 7 years ago. Now that I’ve built one of Shipyard’s other laser-cut kits, namely the Hanse Kogge von Bremen, I’ve had a taste of just how nice these kits are to build. So, I finally broke down and bought it. And, so it wouldn’t just sit in the closet, I went ahead and started the kit last week. I’ll post about the build progress soon. In the meantime, here’s a gallery of photos of the kit’s full contents…

The kit is distributed in the USA by Ages of Sail. Here’s a link to the kit on their website:,-1754-1:72—shipyard-zl029-laser-cardboard-kit.html

Next post, I’ll start writing about hull construction.



1 thought on “Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 1

  1. agesofsail

    Reblogged this on Ages of Sail and commented:
    A new build log is starting up of the 1/72-scale, boxed, laser-cut kit of HMS Wolf from Shipyard. This is an amazing kit, and one of the most complete card model kits we have. We still have this kit in stock, but the supply is very low!

    Still, if you are interested in this kit, you can find it here:,-1754-1:72—shipyard-zl029-laser-cardboard-kit.html

    Or, if you’re looking for something smaller, there is the 1/96-scale paper model version (you cut out the parts yourself), and we have plenty of those in stock:—shipyard-mk018—paper-model.html


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