Daily Archives: July 28, 2022

Building HMS Wolf – Shipyard’s 1/72 Scale Laser-Cut Card Kit – Part 1

While I don’t need to start any new projects, as I’ve got a enough irons in the fire, as it were, I started feeling that I need to generate some personal ship modeling momentum. I have had Shipyard’s laser-cut Papegojan kit that I was given about a year ago, but another model in one of my ship model clubs is currently building one, and I don’t want to complete with his.

What I’ve really been interested in trying out is Shipyard’s laser-cut HMS Wolf kit, a 1/72-scale model of an 18th century snow-rigged brig of war. But there are really 3 different kits that I’d like to kind of “test out”. But, one of these is a bit involved to merely test out, and that’s Shipyard’s 1/72 scale HMS Wolf kit.

Marketing photo of HMS Wolf from Shipyard’s website.

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New Shipyard Detail Sets

I just saw that Shipyard (Vessel Company) announced the release of three new details sets for their 1/96 scale frigate paper model kits, HMS Mercury, HMS Enterprise, and their newly re-released Santa Leocadia. These detail sets consist of multiple sheets of laser-cut parts, and are designed to enhance these kits and make them easier to build.

HMS Mercury Detail Set

As you can see, you get a lot of parts with these sets, and they’re all pre-cut for you. This is a big time saver, and you don’t even have to laminate paper together to get the parts to the right thickness, eliminating another step in the construction process.

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