Hanse Kogge, Bremen 1390 – Shipyard Laser Cut Model Kit

I just finished writing this first-hand look at Shipyard’s Hanse Kogge laser-cut card model kit for Ages of Sail.

This is a really nice looking kit that doesn’t suffer from the classic paper model kit’s requirement of having to cut out vast numbers of tiny, complex parts. Everything is pre-cut, except for the small tabs holding the parts to the sheets. It looks very detailed and well designed.

I’m looking forward to building this model, and hope others will try it out and tell me what they think. Would love to hear from you!

Ages of Sail

Over the holidays, Ages of Sail received a new shipment of kits from the Polish manufacturer of paper ship model and structures kits, Shipyard. Among these were two kits released in 2019. Both are cogs,  sea-going cargo ships that were widely used in medieval Europe from the 12th through the 14th centuries.

Modern cog reconstruction.

Cogs were of lapstraked construction, with a broad and flat-bottomed hull, and commonly built of oak. The carried a single mast mounting a square sail, and were up to about 80 feet in length, with the largest carrying up to 200 tons.

We’ll be looking specifically at Shipyard’s Hanse Kogge kit, which is apparently based on a late 14th century Bremen cog of the Hanseatic League. The league formed as a confedration of trade guilds to promote commerce and mutual protection. It was formed in the late 12th century and grew to dominate Baltic trade…

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