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Billing Boats Kits Re-Released

Three kits from Billing Boats were announced as a special exclusive for Ages of Sail. Of course, since Ages of Sail is a distributor, that means it’s available at Ages of Sail as well as from the stores that Ages of Sail supplies. These were apparently remaining kits of the Windjammer series of kits, which was a line co-developed between the old Billing Boats USA company and Billing Boats of Denmark.

Higaki Kaisen on the Cover of Ships in Scale

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

It’s official! I heard from a fellow ship modeler who said he really enjoyed the first installment of my Higaki Kaisen article. I hadn’t received my author’s copy yet, and my own subscription expired a few months ago, so I went onto Seaways.com to renew. When I was there, I saw the ad for the magazine showing this month’s issue and, lo and behold, there was my Higaki Kaisen model on the cover.

It’s actually the second time the model has been on a magazine cover. The first time was on the cover the of Nautical Research Journal. But, it was really nice to see it on the new Ships in Scale. I have to admit, the photogenic aspect of the model has more to do with the interesting nature of the subject and the incredible work done on the kit’s development by the manufacturer, Woody Joe.

Still, I’m pretty…

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