Now Shipping: Amati Revenge, 1577

I have seen this kit and I was pretty well awestruck by it. I’ve never seen an instruction book that looked so good. A big thick stack of plans. Lots of wood. Well packaged. Lost of etched brass sheets. This was not on my list of kits to build, but I really want this kit now!

Ages of Sail



The long anticipated Amati kit of the English Race-built Galleon, Revenge, 1577, is now in stock and our first orders for the kit have been filled are on their way to their lucky owners.

These kits are BIG, and going through the contents, they look AWESOME. We had special pre-order pricing on these kits, but we’re going to keep to the special pricing as an intro price on the kit while we can. This is a very good deal on an incredible new kit.

Get yours while supplies last!

Get Amati Revenge on Ages of Sail

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