Building Woody Joe’s Iwakuni Castle – A Final Report

As much as I thought I’d finish in plenty of time, I ended up slightly side-tracked. Still, I finished with a few days to spare. It has actually been quite a challenge to get it to look halfway decent. I think it turned out okay, but I had to work to get it there.


The final paint job for the roofing was a mixture of black artist’s acrylic with a dab of gray and a dab of blue, followed by a very lightly dry-brushed gray. The kit came with some fake grass and wood-powde dirt for the base. In the end, I didn’t end up using the grass, but did use the dirt. I decided that while the grass would have looked good, it was a bit out of scale. Instead, I glued down a thin layer of “dirt” and after it dried, I used a variety of green, tan, and gray paints to color the ground.


In the end, this turned out to be a fun project and the results are not bad. The castle kit cost less than $200 shipped and provided a lot of hours of challenge beyond what Woody Joe says it should take. I suppose one could skip painting the model and might work faster with some experience on building the castle kits, but I’m still doubtful that it can be done in 30 hours.


Overall, this was a great kit. Will I build another one? Probably some time in the future, though I might try one of the temple kits before I do another castle. But, right now, I’m too far behind on my ship modeling projects to think about it much.

This model is complete and ready to be presented as a gift. I think it will go over quite well! Ω

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