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Swiss Television Episode Featuring Ship in Bottle Builder

I’ve seen this ships in bottles builder’s Facebook page, but didn’t know anything about her. I had no idea she was so young and such a talented builder. Her name is Heather Gabrielle Rogers.

Recently, a Swiss TV program called Passe-Moi Les Jumelles featured an episode which includes her life and work. The link to the episode is here: http://www.rts.ch/play/tv/passe-moi-les-jumelles/video/les-marins-de-la-terre-larguer-les-amarres?id=7642035

The program is in French, though at times she speaks English – you just have to listed closely past the French translation. The filming is beautifully done and casts her excellent work in a beautiful light.

Here is a link to the web page where you can see and purchase her work: http://www.shipinbottles.com/index.html