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New Acrylic Paints Matched to Poly S Colors

Micromark recently released a new line of acrylic paints reportedly color matched to the now discontinued Floquil’s line of Poly S paints. This gives railroad modelers in particular, who have come to rely on the Poly S brand a new option. The new line is made up of 28 colors under the Microlux brand.


The paints are mixed by Acrylicos Vallejo of Spain. I’ve never personally used Vallejo acrylics, but I’ve seen that some modelers, particularly plastic modelers, use them regularly. I don’t know how thick the new paints are, but I suspect they are similar to other Vallejo paints. An Internet search on Vallejo paints will turn up some information by other modelers on getting the best results.

By Micromark’s description, the new paints look to be equivalent to Vallejo’s “Model Air” line, which are described as being useable in an airbrush with no thinning needed. In fact, the website shows many of the paints with Vallejo’s “Model Air” labels and actually lists them as Vallejo paints as well.

I’ve personally been considering trying out the Vallejo acrylics. This may make them easier to obtain and test out. We’ll see how successful the line is and whether or not classic ship colors will eventually be released.