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Milled Wood Sheets at Syren Ship Model Company

Ever since Jeff Hayes closed the doors at Hobby Mill, sources for milled lumber for ship modelers have been a bit spotty. So, the news that Syren Ship Model Company is now selling milled sheets is very weclome in the community.

Chuck Passaro is now offering Boxwood, Swiss Pear, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar in sheets of various thicknesses. He doesn’t have every size on hand at all times, but he only lists those sizes and varieties that he does have. So, there’s no worry about not getting what you’ve ordered.

Prices range from around $4.75 to $13 per sheet, depending on thickness and wood type. The wood available is only available in sheets, so if you need strip woods, you’ll need a table saw to cut your own.

See what’s in stock here: https://www.syrenshipmodelcompany.com/milled-lumber.php



Waiting in Anticipation for the Queen Anne Style Barge

Syren Ship Model Company, who brings us some of the finest blocks and rigging line available, plus a host of other products, is preparing to release their first complete kit, the Queen Anne Style Barge, c. 1708.

Chuck Passaro’s latest work. Soon to be available as a kit.

As you might recall, Chuck Passaro, is the designer of Model Shipway’s 18th Century English Longboat and 21ft. English Pinnace kits, among others. He also created a set of plans and sells them, along with fittings kits and bulkheads sets of the English cutter Cheerful, 1806.

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AL’s Independence – Swivel Guns

It occurred to me that I haven’t been posting enough about my own traditional western-style model ships what with my Japanese boat models and now the Japanese shrine build. Also, as I’d been in something of a slump due to project overload, I thought it might help me move forward by writing some more project updates.

Though I’ve written plenty about the cannons on my model, I don’t think I’ve said anything about the swivel guns. Clearly, I’ve replaced everything else from the original kit, and the swivel guns are no exception. I’ve being going back and forth on the scale of this model, and for the person I’m building this for, I don’t think the exact scale really matters. For the swivel guns, I ended up going with the 1/48-scale turned brass swivel guns sold by Syren Ship Model Company.

AL kit barrels in brass. Lumberyard replacements in pewter.

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Swiss Pear Blocks from Syren Ship Model Company are Gone!

Those of us who appreciated the beautiful color and quality of the Swiss Pear blocks that were produced by Syren Ship Model Company will be saddened to learn that the company has decided to discontinue the blocks.


An announcement was made on Model Ship World along with clearance sale pricing on January 30 of this year and as of February 4th, they’ve been removed from the site. That wasn’t much of a heads up for those few of us who liked using the pear wood blocks, but the boxwood blocks are still in production.

I never saw the announcement and, In my case, I have enough pearwood blocks to finish a project that uses them, but I’m going to have to change my plans for a couple other projects. Maybe it’s time to reconsider going back and improve my own block making techniques and forget the reliance on vendor made blocks?

I made my own for both my Mary Taylor and Lively models, so we’ll see. For my paper model of HMS Alert, I had some of Syren’s Swiss Pear blocks mounted, but I was thinking of going back to paper blocks in keeping with the paper model theme anyway. That just simplifies the decision.

For those who don’t want to make their own blocks but prefer darker wood blocks, Syren’s boxwood blocks will work just fine when stained. Ω

New Ship Model Company Launched

Just got word that the very talented ship modeler Chuck Passaro, who in recent years has designed several kits for Model Shipways (five of them, I believe), has just launched a new online store where he is making available various ship modeling fittings and such. This is just now getting off the ground, so you can expect the selection will grow over time.

Right now, the store includes turned brass cannon barrels in three sizes, laser cut cannon carriages, very accurately scaled blocks (not like the misshapen ones included in kits), and will include cast resin figureheads, rigging line and more.

Very exciting to see this new stuff on the market! Check it out here:

Syren Ship Model Company