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On the Horizon: Royal Yacht for the Dutchess of Kingston from Vanguard Models

Chris Watton’s own ship model kit production company, Vanguard Models, is rolling along with yet another kit coming out in just a matter of weeks! If you’re familiar with Amati’s Victory Model’s line of kits or Caldercraft’s Nelson’s Navy line, then you’re already familiar with Chris’s amazing work. He’s both talented AND prolific.

His latest release will be the sixth kit from Vanguard Models, and it looks like it’s going to be a real beauty – I hope you’ve saved a spot on your workbench to build this one.

The model is a 1/64-scale kit of an unnamed, 81-foot, three-masted yacht built for the Dutchess of Kingston, which was probably built in the 1770s. It closely resembles the royal yacht Caroline, which is a subject from Mantua/Panart that I’ve had my eye on for a long time. But, this model looks like it’s so nicely detailed that I would seriously consider building this instead. Price has not been announced yet, but Chris says this kit will be ready very soon.

Some manufacturers do take pride in their avoidance of plastic or resin parts, which this kit does use for cannon barrels and some of the stern carvings, etc. But, this does allow for a higher degree of detail and lower weight and cost. I don’t expect to hear many complaints from those who get this kit.

FYI, these are photos of the model under development. It will include masts and yards, including a lateen yard on the mizzen mast. I don’t believe there are sails included in the kit, but I am hoping some kind of sail plan will be included. Vanguard Models has sail sets for their Zulu and Fifie kits, but I don’t believe there is any sail detail included in the other kits.

Once released, expect to be able to order direct from the Vanguard Models website, or from their U.S. distributor Ages of Sail. I’ll spread the word as soon as I see it become available! Ω