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Miniature Shipmodeling Book by Robert Wilson

Those of you who fancy miniature ship models, may be aware of the work of Robert Wilson. He has focussed on merchant ships of the late 19th and 20th centuries and his art is out of this world. I’ve had many conversations with him on the web and by email and he’s a big proponent of miniature ship modeling and of modeling merchant ships, and nobody does it like him.

Broompark (Large)


Olivebank (Medium)


For those ship modelers who are interested in trying out building in miniature, you’re in luck because Mr. Wilson has created ebooks on the subject, and just recently self-published a 158-page soft cover book in a nice, large format. Both the ebooks and the printed book are available direct from his website: http://www.miniatureships.blogspot.com



He claims that building these models is much simpler than building a larger wooden ship model kit. And, he does build several of these models a year, so there’s got to be something to what he says.

I myself bought his early CD on scratch building merchant sailing ships (in miniature), which he still sells, though in ebook form now. I also only discovered the new book’s availability a couple weeks ago, but I made sure to order a copy right away, because if I can build a model half as nice as some of the work he’s done in the past, I’d be a happy man!

As it is, I did start to do a miniature version of the Japanese screw steamer Kanrin Maru. So, maybe in the near future, I’ll be showing what I’ve learned from Robert Wilson’s teachings.


Awesome Miniature Ship Models

Marjory Glen by Robert Wilson

Marjory Glen by Robert Wilson

I finally located a ship modeler that I lost contact with a wile back. Robert Wilson is a ship modeler that specializes in miniature waterline dioramas of merchant ships of sail and steam. His work is incredible and I spotted one of his ship models online and tracked down the image to the source. Last night, I managed to contact him via his blog site and I’m glad to hear that he is doing well.

His blog site is worth taking a look at to see his work, http://www.miniatureships.blogspot.com.

Through him, I got onto another ship modeling site that I just registered with and will be following. That site is called Ships of Scale and is at http://www.shipsofscale.com.

And, as long as I was on his site, I followed one of his links to purchase his CD on building one of these miniature beauties. The book is only available through a UK auction site, but I think it is going to be well worth the simple effort of registering on that site and they take Paypal, so the purchase was very easy.

Bob, makes these projects seem so simple. But, I still find the final product so nice looking that the idea of taking on a project like his to be daunting. I have Justin Camarata’s book on waterline dioramas and have been wanting to try it out. Bob says it’s easy, so I’m going to have to try it.