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My Newest Ancre Books Acquisition – Le Coureur Monograph

I’m exited that my newest purchase from French publisher Ancre Books (Ancre.fr) arrived at the end of last week. I have other Ancre monographs, but this particular subject is simple enough that an actual model constructed from these plans might actually see the light of day here.

I was finally in a position to make the purchase, so in the middle of last month, I placed my order. Also, I’ve had to wait for a long time for this english language version to be released. It’s been out for a while now, but when it was released, buying it just wasn’t in the stars for me. Now, it is.

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Hubert Berti of Ancre Books Passed Away

The saddest news of late is that Hubert Berti recently passed away. Not everyone may be familiar with Ancre Books, but he published several titles including ones that he collaborated on. Titles include Jean Boudriout’s work on the French 74 Gun Ship: Vaisseau de 74 Canons 1780; his  monograph on the Bonhomme Richard: Monographie du Bonhomme Richard – 1779; and many others.



I’m not sure if Mr. Berti had been ill, but it might explain a problem I’ve been having with an order I’d placed a couple months ago. Fortunately, it seems that his son Didier Berti is taking care of the business now. With Mr. Hubert Berti gone, hopefully his son will allow us to continue to access the wonderful work his father produced.

For those interest in the Ancre titles, you can review and order them online. It is in French, but most of the content of the site can be accessed in English as well: http://ancre.fr