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Wye River Models

This weekend, I just ran across a model boat kit manufacturer on the Internet. Their website shows that they have quite a large number of kits of American workboats in large scales of 1/4″=1′ and larger.

Looks like they have 15 different kits, including: Box Stern, Chesapeake Bay Bugeye, Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat, the charter fishing boat Breein Thru, a Hooper Island Drake Tail, a Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe, and many others. The prices are very nice too. Of the 15 kits they offer, only five of them list at over $100. Continue reading

Midwest Boat Model Kits Discontinued

Just confirmed a suspicion this morning. Called Midwest Products and their boat model kits have been discontinued. These kits are not only nice wooden kits, but they have been the ideal starting point for ship modeling for many builders. Their quality of parts and detailed instructions have helped many of us step gently into wooden ship model building. They have also been an ideal recommendation for ship modelers to suggest to newcomers to the hobby.


I called Midwest because Ages of Sail has been unable to get the kits from the distributors, with no information as to why. Now we know. At the moment, there are no plans that I’m aware of for anyone to pick up the manufacturing of their kits, though I know there is some interest. Certainly, these kits remain popular with many people. In fact, the person I talked to in the sales department at Midwest commented “Do you know how many calls I’ve gotten about them???”



I talked to Roger, the owner of Ages of Sail, and his comment was “That’s not good…” I suspect he’s going to call the company president to find out who is picking up the product line. So, we’ll see if these kits don’t make a comeback in some form. They’re great kits and one of the few that are actually visible to the general public in hobby stores and chains, making them doubly valuable in this hobby.Ω