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Ron Neilson’s Amati Xebec Model

Ron’s a friend and great ship modeler and now is one of the directors of the Nautical Research Guild. I’ve always loved the work he did on the construction of this Xebec model, which he named “The Sword of God”. He has the name written in Arabic on the nameplate – a really nice touch.

This is a great looking kit, and I’ve always wanted to make a Xebec (yes, among so many other things that need to get finished).

The photos were originally posted on The NRG’s Model Ship World.

Ages of Sail

Our longtime friend Ron Neilson gave us his permission to share his photos of one of his early builds: Amati’s 1/60-scale Xebec kit. This was only Ron’s second wooden ship model that he built back in  2012. The completed model is about 28″ long, and he clearly put a lot of personal touches into this kit, including the red sails, the color scheme, the deck clutter, and more. He also did a beautiful job with the presentation on  its display base with customized nameplate.

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Shackleton’s Antarctic Exploration Ship Endurance by Paul Reck – Completed Model

It was only about two months ago that we posted about Paul starting this kit, and here it is, already completed. Meanwhile, I’m staring at projects that have been sitting on my bench for a year or more, trying to get back to them at some point…

Hyde Street Pier Model Shipwrights

Just about two months ago, we posted an article about HSPMS member Paul Reck’s work on a model of Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic exploration ship Endurance, based on  kit produced by the Spanish ship model kit maker OcCre.

Paul is building this on commission. And, while he wasn’t in any hurry to get it done, he’s already wrapped up this project in record time.

Paul chose not to build the model with sails, leaving the model with a classic “bare poled” look. He also made some small modifications to the model, based on photos he found on the Internet of the actual ship.


As Paul noted early on, this is a big model. We’re not sure where the final home is for this model, but we’re guessing that Paul’s next project is crating the model up to ship across the country.

Only time will tell what Paul’s next ship model…

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Lower Amati Kit Prices and Free Shipping Option

Speaking of Amati, the new lower Amati prices should provide some relief for us diehard ship modelers that have to keep buying kits, even during this period of economic inflation! And, free shipping on domestic orders of $150 or more, to boot!

Ages of Sail

2022 was a rough year. We were all hit by inflation and Covid related issues and global disruptions due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. One of the results was an extraordinarily large spike in overseas freight charges.


But, now that we’re starting off 2023, freight costs have eased up a bit, and our owner has been in negotiations with Amati on pricing. The result is that we’re able to bring you a 10% reduction of all Amati kit and tool prices. This is not sale pricing, it’s a price change.

In addition, to help sales along, we’ve decided to take our holiday special domestic shipping pricing and make it permanent. So, now, all domestic orders of $150 or more, qualify for free shipping. This is an option you can choose at checkout, if you qualify. But, to get free domestic shipping, you have to specifically choose it.


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Coming Soon – Amati Gondola

It’s nice to see Amati releasing a new, updated version of their old Venetian Gondola model kit, but to see that it’s supposedly going to be available as early as this month, according to Ages of Sale, the importer/distributor for Amati products for the Americas.

Ages of Sail

If you saw our last post about Amati price drops and free domestic shipping offer, then you probably noticed a new kit photo. This is a new Venetian Gondola kit that is coming very soon from Amati, and we’re very excited about it.

As you may recall, Amati used to produce a Venetian Gondola kit that disappeared from production for several years. This new, revised kit, looks very promising, and we will hopefully have these in stock within a couple weeks.

Unfortunately, we have very little detailed information about this new kit. So, we’ll let these beautiful marketing photos do the talking for now.

Stay tuned for price and availability announcements any time now. Ω

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