This Week in Wasen Model Making – October 15, 2022

Having my models on display at the Good Same Miniatures Showcase gave a boost to my model making drive. I’ve been back on my American Gunboat based on the Amati kit, and have been busy with the completion of the rigging.

In addition to that, after many month away from them, I finally pulled out a couple of Japanese boat models and started making some significant progress on those too. I may actually finish up three models this year, though the paint job on one of the Japanese boats is quite elaborate and may take me a while.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

Last weekend, I had a number of models on display at the Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures, which consisted mostly of my wasen models. This was the first time I’d had any of my Japanese watercraft models on display since January, and it seems to have spurred me to get back to work on some wasen model projects. While I have the two Woody Joe kits to finish up, those being the Kitamaebune and Atakebune kits, I also have two scratch models I stated long ago, the whaleboat-style Senzanmaru, and the small Nitaribune based on the late Fujiwara-san’s boat Kawasemi.

Small Nitaribune, or cargo boat, based on the boat built by the late Fujiwara-san for Wasen Tomo no Kai.

The Senzanmaru, a whaleboat-type boat use by the Awa clan.

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