On the Horizon: HMS Indefatigable from Vanguard Models

Wood ship model builders rejoice! I’m finally posting something that’s not about paper ship model kits.

Vanguard Models is also giving us all reasons to rejoice with their upcoming release of the Indy, the 44-gun razee frigate HMS Indefatigable.

So, now’s a good time to re-watch the Horatio Horblower TV series, and/or re-read C.S. Forester, or maybe even take on one of the smaller Vanguard Models kits, in preparation. Possibly even take on one of the many kits that were developed by Chris Watton for Caldercraft’s Nelson’s Navy series or Amati’s Victory Models line.

I can see I’m going to have to take on one of these very soon, given the popularity of these kits.

Ages of Sail

With the release of the cutter HMS Alert, the Brigs HMS Flirt and HMS Speedy, then the royal yacht Duchess of Kingson, and finally the frigate HMS Sphinx, the Royal Navy ships available from Chris Watton’s Vanguard Models continues growing in size and number.

The latest work in progress is now the 44-gun razee frigate, HMS Indefatigable, a ship with not only a very active history, but also one famous for its appearance in C.S. Forester’s Horation Hornblower series.

This 1/64-scale wooden ship model kit has been under development by Chris Watton for some time, and the prototype model is currently under construction by ship modeler James Hatch. You can read about the the build progress on the ModelShipWorld online forum here: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/30665-hms-indefatigable-1794-prototype-by-james-h-vanguard-models-164/

According to Chris, he’s hoping for a December release of the new kit. But, it will depend on when the prototype model is completed, at which time, he…

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