Shipyard Paper Models in Japan

In a recent newsletter put out by the Japanese ship model club The Rope Toko, I spotted a little blurb about some paper models in a display of models by another small ship model club. I may have this completely wrong, but it appears that there is a club called simply My Ship Club, also in Tokyo. They had a display of their works very recently, and there were some photos I spotted and a description of paper models, which I’d never seen before in the Japanese ship model clubs. So, I did some digging around and I found the club’s website. Of course, it’s all in Japanese, but Google Translate comes in very handy here.

1/96 and 1/72 scale build’s of Shipyard’s HMS Wolf kit by Mr. Kaoru Miura.

So, I found the link to the exhibit, it was their 20th annual exhibition – clearly they’ve been around for a while. I found the photos I saw in the report of The Rope. The models are a pair of Shipyard’s HMS Wolf kit, very nicely done. One is the 1/96-scale paper model kit. The other is 1/72-scale, but I’m gathering that it’s not the 1/72-scale laser cut kit that Shipyard makes, rather an upscaled build of the 1/96-scale kit. No matter, the models are beautiful.

I managed to pull some photos from their site, albeit without anyone’s permission. If I can figure out who to contact, I’ll let them know what I’ve done and hope they’re okay with it.

In any case, the models were built by a Mr. Kaoru Miura. And, it’s not the only ones built by him and on display. He had several paper models on display at the event including HMS Alert, the Papegojan, Santa Maria, Niña, Pinta, and Le Coureur.

Le Coureur, 1/96 scale, by Mr. Kaoru Miura

Papegojan, 1/96 scale, by Mr. Kaoru Miura

Niña and Pinta, 1/96 scale, by Mr. Kaoru Miura

There were more kits and many more photos of these paper and card stock models by Mr. Miura that I didn’t include here. There’s even a couple wooden ship models he built in the exhibition. But, I’m really glad to see such amazingly well done builds of the Shipyard products. Those shown here are quite nice, and show just how well these kits can build into very fine models.

You can see more photos of these fine models if you can navigate the site. The original site link is:

Here’s a Google Translate link to their 20th Ship Model Exhibition.

Well worth checking out! Ω

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    For those of you out there who aren’t sure just how good a paper ship model kit can turn out. Check out these builds from a ship modeler in Japan. All of these are Shipyard paper model kits. Clearly, they’ve been built with great skill and care!

    At the prices for these kits from Shipyard, we think this is something many people should consider trying out!


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