Dorade Repair

My repair of the little Dorade model is finally done. I’ve let the owner know and we’ll arrange to get it to him, hopefully sometime in the next week or so. It’s turned out to be a very pretty model, and I’m really happy with the rigging, particularly the standing rigging, which I think I’ve mentioned before is made from braided silver-gray nylon fishing line.

By the way, if you didn’t catch this before, while this is a repair job I’m doing, I’m not in the repair business. This is just something I thought I’d try taking on. It was fun, and it’s an interesting boat. But, I’m not in the repair business, so please don’t ask me to fix a model for you. I have a lot of projects of my own that I’d like to be working on.

About yacht models, I don’t really deal with yacht models much, so this was kind of different for me. I’m not normally big on yachts, but after this, I may have to look into building one myself.

Besides the obvious, old-time classic yachts, like the 1851 yacht America, there are a number of America’s Cup boat kits available. Amati makes many in 1/80, 1/50, and 1/35 scales. There are various other kits of classic yachts as well, like the Puritan or the Britannia. But, Amati actual does make a large scale model of the Dorade.

Amati’s Dorade kit comes with a pre-formed ABS plastic hull, simplifying construction greatly. It also makes it a great kit for R/C operation. At 1/20 scale, the model is just under 34″ long.

Amati Model’s 1/20-scale Dorade kit

We’ll see. I’ve also got a yacht modeler who’s been trying to get me to build a yacht model from scratch, and he’s provided me with drawings and notes he’s collected over the years on certain subjects. After this project, who knows?

I’ll have to dig through the list of some of the yachts he’s got drawings of and see if something there is particularly appealing, but I’ve got other things to finish up first. Next up, I think I’m going to get the sails mounted on the American galley gunboat model. Stay tuned… Ω




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