A Kolderstok Statenjacht Build

Here’s one of those kits that I’ve been eyeing as a possible future build. Price is around $260 and the final model isn’t overly large. This build log shows some of the features of the kit, though it’s still very early in the build.

I had no idea that the kit featured any interior at all. While it’s not a detailed interior, it would be easy enough to do it. I imagine there are a lot of modelers would love to use a candlelight LED for a flickering fire in the fireplace. Heck, while I’m not big on LED lighting in my models, this is one that would definitely tempt me.

In any case, 1/50-scale is a nice scale to work at. Rigging is easier than at some of the smaller scales. Also, it’s a relatively easy scale for adding details.

Ages of Sail

Many kits produced by classic ship model kit manufacturers are well known, so it’s relatively easy to find examples of them under construction on the Internet, or to know of someone else who has built or is building the kit. But, for kits produced by relatively new manufacturers with a limited distribution network, it’s pretty hard to know what construction is like. So, it was nice to find a build of the Statenjacht kit, produced by the Dutch wooden ship model kit manufacturer Kolderstok.

Image from Kolderstok’s website.

The Statenyacht was a Dutch transport that was used in the 17th through 19th centuries, designed to carry and entertain VIPs. This from the manufacturer:

“Evolved from the war yachts as used in the 80-year war, it had developed into a convenient, fast and above all comfortable means of transport. The Statenjacht was the ideal way to travel at a time when…

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