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Artesania Latina’s Soleil Royal Now in Stock!

Artesania has really been working hard at releasing these new products ever since the new owners took over. I’ve always like Artesania Latina kits and found that go together very nicely. The fact that they only include digital copies of instruction and no printed plans sheet isn’t a problem for me, though I know that’s a problem for some.

What might be a problem though, is that this is true of older products that used to rely on the builder to take measurements from the plans. This might affect builders of kits like San Juan Nepomuceno and USF Constellation, etc. However, I expect those will be revised soon.

Ages of Sail

The 17th century French ship-of-the-line Le Soliel Royal was build as as a 104 gun warship name for the “Sun King”, King Louis XIV, and served as the flagship of Admiral Tourville. The “three decker” was built in 1669 and was one of the most powerful ships of her day. She was also among the most sumptuously decorated warships with wooden carvings paying tribute to the French monarch.

Artesania has recreated this ship in incredible detail with this big 1/72 scale wooden ship model kit that is replete with decorative fittings, particularly at the bow and stern. The kit features hundreds of laser-cut plywood and solid wood parts, cast and photo-etched metal fittings, as well as a full set of pre-sewn sails. To finish the model, the kit also comes with wooden base and metal nameplate, plus a set of 12 cast metal figures of the ship’s crew, ready to…

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