Daily Archives: March 3, 2022

Update March 2, 2022

Over the past week, I made quite a bit of progress on my ship modeling projects. Overall, things have been pretty productive. But I hit a bit of a glitch with some family health issues when I went out of town on Monday. After returning that night, I had a lot on my mind, plus the long drive seemed to wear me out. So, I’m kind of stumbling along this week.

However, in the last week, I made a lot of progress towards finishing my Amati American Gunboat model. I finally compromised with myself and came to feel okay about the final set of sails I made. It helped that I took the model to a meeting of the South Bay Model Shipwrights club, which is back to having monthly gatherings. The modelers there seemed impressed enough with the sails I made that I felt better about them.

My gunboat model at the South Bay Model Shipwrights gathering. Sails in the foreground.

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