February 2, 2022

Today, I felt like doing a little writing, but I didn’t have enough to write a whole post about any one project, so I’m just writing an update for the day.

For the most part, I seem to have gotten my ship modeling mojo back after the holidays, and I’ve been concentrating a lot of my efforts on my build of Amati’s American gunboat model, as it’s far enough along to where it looks good and it looks interesting. So, I feel pretty well motivated to continue it to the finish now.

I decided to rig the model using pear wood Master Korabel blocks that Ages of Sail is now carrying. I used them to rig the gun tackles, and I’m pretty happy with how that looks.

I’m also at the point where I’m considering mounting the model before that gets too difficult to do, so I bought an 8′ cherry wood plank from Rockler a couple days ago, cut a piece of it and routed the edges.

For mounting the model, I found that those little slotted brass stanchions that you can buy from just about any ship modeling source, worked really well, except that the keel on the model is really shallow, so I had to cut them down. It gave me a chance to use the little mini cut-off saw that I inherited from the late Jean Eckert.

Original on the right and the cut-down version on the left. And, yes, the keel is that shallow on this model, but the stanchion is now a perfect fit.

Meanwhile, I finally got around to ordering a “Rope Rocket” – a nicely designed rope walk or rope making machine from Syren Ship Model Company . I’ve made my own model rope in the past, but my homemade ropewalk was really, really primitive… and I mean really primitive. I was looking making a replacement, but I finally just gave in and ordered one that works well. More on that when it shows up. Ω


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