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Building Woody Joe’s Atakebune Kit – Part 8

Finally posted an update on my build of Woody Joe’s 16th century Japanese warship, the Atakebune. The project is coming along nicely, but I’m making quite a few modifications of the kit. So far, I’m pretty happy with how the build and modifications are coming along.

I’m working on the castle structure now, though it can really be dealt with separately from the lower hull and the armored box structure. There are modifications planned still for each of these sections. But, the for the castle structure, I mostly have straight construction ahead of me.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

Updates on the progress of the Atakebune model are long overdue. The project has been continuing, and I’ve done quite a bit. But, I’ve been quite slow on writing posts. So, I’ll try to get partially caught up here, but I’ll probably need to write another post soon to finish catching up.

Stern structure added to the model. Note that all the doors have been added to the model. I simply taped them into place from the inside at this stage.

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