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Revamped Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane Launched

I just found out today that Model Shipways has redone their classic Harriet Lane kit, turning their 1/120 scale solid hull model into a bigger and more detailed 1/96 scale plank-on-bulkhead kit.

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Utasebune 打瀬船 Fishing Boat – 1/72 Scale Model from Paris Drawings – Part 1

Finding drawings for Japanese watercraft is probably the hardest part to modeling one. So, the book Souvenirs de Marine, which can be found in many libraries, is a tremendous resource. One of the subjects that is detailed in its pages is a late Edo period boat called an Utasebune, though it’s only referred to as a fishing boat in the French text. This is a 55 foot long fishing boat that’s desiged to slowly drag a large fishing net by letting the wind push the boat sideways across the water.

Read more about this new build project in 1/72 scale.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

The Souvenirs de Marine is a multi-volume collection of drawings that are the basis for many of the models in the French National Maritime Museum. The book was put together by Edmond Pâris and originally published in the 1880s. Among the collection of drawings of watercraft from around the world are several Japanese boats that were recorded by French Lieutenant Armand Paris, mostly in the areas of Osaka and Edo in the 1860s.

These drawings provide the only detailed records of some of the watercraft depicted. These include large coastal transports, fishing boats, pleasure boats, a large yacht owned by one of the many feudal lords, a row galley in the service of the Shogun, etc.

Now, I’ve built a model of the row galley, which is referred to in Japanese as a Kobaya, though there are some features that I feel that the drawing is missing, as the…

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