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The Tonegawa Takasebune (高瀬船) – a Model in 1/72 Scale, Part 4

The next installment in the building of a small, 1/72-scale model of an important river cargo boat that was used extensively on the Tone river system, all throughout the Edo period and beyond. The model represents a medium-sized, 60-foot Tone River Takasebune from the late Edo period, but large Tone River Takasebune were up to 90-feet long.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

Last time I left off on the construction of the Tonegawa Takasebune model, I had completed the rudder, or kaji, and had shaped the mast, or hobashira. I’m not positive on the exact appearance of the top of the mast, so I based it upon what I’ve seen on other models, and also on my experience with the masts on the Higakikaisen and Kitamaebune models I’ve built. It actually went through a slight change during construction.

I originally built the mast with a pretty strong crook at the top end. But, I ended up modifying this so it’s a lot straighter. The mast top is notched to allow me to secure a forestay to it to hold the mast in place by looping it around the mast top. There is also a slot at the top for the main sail halliard, with a brass rod simulating a sheave.

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