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Wasen Model in Monterey, CA – Follow-up

Managed to do some in person research this week. This is the first time I’ve done a study of a museum model.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

This week, I made the trip down to Monterey’s JACL Heritage Hall & Museum and met with curator Tim Thomas. He was waiting for me in front of the building when I arrived, and I was ushered into the museum room, where there were all sorts of displays of artifacts from the Japanese American community’s thriving past in Monterey.

The museum is small as it’s just the one room. But, the museum and the Heritage Hall apparently have their connections and access to a lot of knowledge about the Japanese American community, which was really thriving in Monterey before WWII. The curator has even given talks in Japan about the Japanese in Monterey.

There were various artifacts that I recognized, even a pair of small drums on the wall, which I recognize at tsukeshime daiko (Tsu-keh-shee-may dye-koh), or simply shime for short. I forgot to ask if there was some…

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