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Amati Bismarck, Now Shipping!

Amati finally released their long-awaited kit of the Battleship Bismarck. This looks to be an incredibly well detailed kit, and a serious challenge for the wooden ship model builder. If you have any interest at all in ships of WWII, and like wooden ship model kits, this on is seriously worth looking into.

Ages of Sail

Amati’s new wooden model kit of the German Battleship Bismark arrived just today as part of a shipment of 6 big pallets of kits, fittings, tools, wood supplies, and more! But, we were prepared and got our online shop setup with the new kits listing. They are now online and ready for you to buy.

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Ages of Sail

German Battleship Bismark by Amati Model

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This is a very big kit at 1:200 scale, weighing in at around 20 pounds. This is a single planked plank-on-bulkhead wooden ship model kit, with LOTS of fittings, including more than 2200 photo-etched parts, plus two full-color instruction books, and 7 large plans sheets.This is a master model for those who want to build the ultimate challenge. But, make sure you have room for it. This amazing kit finishes up at over 4 feet long.

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