New Kit Sneak Peek: French Frigate Hermione by Disar Model

I had a chance to view this kit recently. So, first off, it WILL be available shortly at Ages of Sail. It looks like a pretty good kit to me. I love that you get a full gun deck and that the cannons look like real cannons and not like some hastily turned metal rods, as in some kits.

This will make for a pretty large model for a frigate, and it seems to look great with sails. The only downsides I see are that the quality of the pre-sewn sails are very so-so. If you build without sails, it won’t matter. But, more discriminating modelers will probably want to make their own.

One other thing to note is that the wood is a light colored wood, like Ramin, or something. I would think most builders will want to stain, dye, or paint the hull. It’s probably suggested in the instructions somewhere. Others may considering adding a layer of nice veneer planking as finish planking.

I expect this kit will sell for less than $350. I think it will prove to be a good value, and will build into a nice model.


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