An Occre Part Order Follow-Up

It occurred to me recently that I’d written a post about ordering a part kit from OcCre back in December, which had a wrong laser-cut sheet in it. I’d contacted OcCre about it, but I never posted the results of that issue. So, here it is.

To recap, I ordered the first of 6 part kits, or Packs as OcCre calls them, of their Spanish 74-gun ship Montañes kit. It was a nicely packed set of laser-cut wood sheets, wood strips, and kit instructions. Unfortunately, in the process of marking the parts for identification, I discovered I’d gotten a duplicate laser-cut wood sheet and I was missing another.

Two of one sheet, with one needed sheet missing.

I went to OcCre’s website to look for a way to request missing or replacement parts, and found a link clearly marked, right in the main menu. I filled out the request, but found that the form is really geared toward requesting individual parts, not entire sheets. I did the best I could, but it seemed like what I needed might not be entirely clear.

OcCre Parts Request Form

Fortunately, OcCre was on top of things and the next day, they informed me that they received the request, but asked for a clarification of the item I needed. I explained the situation and short time later, I got an email with an apology and an indication that they were going to check to make sure it was just a one-time issue, and that my replacement sheet would be on its way to me.

It took a bit longer to get the replacement part than it did the original package. But, I can understand that, as the original package was shipped by express. I can’t imagine they could afford to ship replacement parts that way. So, I didn’t mind. I put in the parts request on November 9th and received the part on November 28th, which is actually quite good considering it shipped from Spain to California, during the Covid crisis, no less.

Of course, I began work on the Montañes model right away. It’s a big ship, and I’m happy to take my time with it, working on it between other projects. As I said before, I’m trying to hold myself back on the modifications, and building straight from kit. But, I’ve already strayed from that goal, and I can’t help but think about other ways to stray from it!

I think I’ll go ahead and start a blog on the build. It will be very much a long term projects, so don’t expect to see it finished any time soon. Stay tuned… Ω


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