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Kits Listed on Ebay

There are a lot of life changes going on for me right now, so I’ve decided to part with a portion of that ever-present stack of ship model kits. I’m still working out which kits I will never get to, and which ones I might want to take on some day. But, for now, I’ve managed to come up with a list of some of the simpler ones. So, if you’re interested in any of these, nab them off of Ebay, or send me a comment.

Model Shipways Phantom NY Pilot Boat 1868 Wooden Ship Solid Hull

Brigantine Newsboy, 1854 – Model Shipways Wood Ship Kit #2008 – Barely Started

Woody Joe 1/24 Sailing Japanese Fishing Boat Hacchoro 8-oar Wooden Model Kit

Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Midwest Products Wood Kit

Model Shipways Wood Ship Kit # 2016 – 1/64 scale Colonial Schooner Sultana 1767

Some of these are simple auctions to help them move, some are only for sale with “Buy Now” options, as they’re generally worth more to me, like the Hacchoro. It’s priced a little high, because Woody Joe kits are currently expensive to get from Japan.

I may be listing more kits in the future, but I got tired of creating listings for now. But, there are a couple old Yellow Box kits, another Midwest kit, a HUGE Muscongus Bay Lobster Smack kit from Laughing Whale (now sold by BlueJacket), a big classic Flying Cloud solid hull kit from BlueJacket, a brand new Keel Klamper, and some books.

Oh, and if you need a nice, 27″ retina display iMac with 32GB RAM and a 1TD SSD drive (not a Fusion drive), I’ve got one of those listed as well:

27-inch 5K Retina iMac Late 2014 – 4GHz Quad i7, 32GB, 1T SSD, M295X – MINTY!

What can I say? The holidays are coming and I need the cash…

Kolderstok’s Speel-Jaght Now on Sale

Kolderstok’s Speel-Jaght is a unique and interesting looking kit from one of the newest ship model kit manufacturers in the industry. Looks like a nice one to try out for those looking to build something different from everyone else.

Ages of Sail

It wasn’t more than two weeks ago that we announced that we’d received a new shipment from Kolderstok, replenishing our supply of the Dutch kits, including the popular Duyfken ship model kit. Well, it seems that there must have been some ship modelers out their waiting for this kit to be back in stock again, and they all sold in a very short time.

Well, that’s the bad news. The good news is that we’ve just listed the most recent release from Kolderstok, the Speel-Jaght!

Kolderstok's Speel-Yaght wooden model ship kit

The new Kolderstok kit is a 1/50-scale model kit of a type of boat that began to appear in the early 1600s, as people began sailing, not just for commerce or fighting, but for the joy of sailing, and pleasure yachts began to appear.

This is the smallest and least expensive of the Kolderstok kits, unless you include the Bijboot, ship’s boat kit. The kit includes…

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An OcCre Part Kit Order

It was just about a month ago that I found myself in the middle of ship modeling withdrawals, as I had to take a break due to a family emergency. As I mentioned in recent posts, a Shipyard paper model kit got me through most of it. But, one thing that helped was splurging a little and making another ship modeling purchase. So, it was the purchase of a “Part Kit” from OcCre of Spain that filled that need.

74-gun Spanish ship of the line Montañes by OcCre

Now, I don’t really need another ship model kit. I have a stack of projects, some underway, and many un-started kits in my closet stash – I’m sure every ship modeler who reads this is familiar and has his or her own. But, I’m always looking for good blogging materials – interesting stuff to write about. Anyway, that’s my excuse, or one of many excuses I use in justifying kit purchases. That one will work for now.

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Shipyard’s Dutch Fluit Schwarzer Rabe – A brief update

After three weeks of taking care of my 95-year-old convalescing mother, I am now taking her up to stay with my older sister for a while. My sister is retired and lives in Washington state, so the journey from the central California coast is a long one. For safety reasons, and in order to carry everything my mother will need, we are traveling by train – a bedroom aboard an Amtrak sleeper car. It’s certainly not the most luxurious way to travel, but it works, and we get to see some beautiful scenery. 

Travel means that this ship modeler again finds himself without a ship-modeling project for several days. However, I was fortunate enough to have had a paper model kit to work on for a bit, and very much enjoyed the time I got to spend on that.

I won’t go into a lot of detail, except to recap that I ordered a model kit from Ages of Sail, a Shipyard paper model kit of the 17th century Dutch fluit Schwarzer Rabe. Don’t ask me why a Dutch fluit has a German name – I don’t know. But, it is a nice looking ship, at least in the way that the manufacturer portrays it. The ship was a real ship and participated in the Battle of Oliwa in 1627 between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Navy and the Swedish Navy. The Schwarzer Rabe was part of the 1st squadron of the Polish side of the battle. One of her opponents was the Dutch-built ship Papegojan, of which Shipyard also makes two kits. 

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