On the Horizon: Shipyard’s Wooden Hanse Kogge von Bremen, 1380

As a ship modeler, it’s always nice to see new products come out. There are a few things I’ve spotted that maybe you didn’t know about. And, here is one from the Polish card model company known as Vessel, or more commonly by their ship model product line called Shipyard. The company has apparently released their newest WOODEN laser-cut kit. This company has been on a roll with their production of new kits of old medieval cogs, and their newest kit is the laser-cut wooden kit, the Hanse Kogge von Bremen, 1380.

The kit appears to be essentially identical to the card model kit of the same name that they released about a year ago, making it a 1/72-scale kit that measures about 13.3″ long (338mm) when complete.

As some of you may recall, I’m actually working on a build of their card version of this same kit. It seems to me it should work just as well in laser-cut wood as it does in card, and there are a couple builds of Shipyard’s similar Wütender Hund cog kit on Model Ship World that look very good.

The wooden Hanse Kogge von Bremen 1380 kit appears to come in an unusual wooden box, reminiscent of a wooden tool chest. I believe this may have become necessary due to the company’s traditional design of large flat boxes, which are probably too weak to ship a wooden model it. Personally, I wish they’d rework their kit designs with larger numbers of smaller laser-cut sheets. This would allow them to use smaller, thicker boxes, which are far easier to ship. 

The wooden boxes look like an interesting novelty, but really the added weight only serves to drive up the costs of shipping, which in the days of COVID, have skyrocketed.

We probably aren’t going to see the kit sold in the U.S. until maybe next year, but the kit does show up on Shipyard’s site for about $230. The other two wooden models they produce, as well as their card model version of this kit and their Wütender Hund kit, are available in the US at Ages of Sail. Ω


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    There’s another new wooden kit just released from the Polish paper model kit company, Shipyard. All three kits are 1/72-scale kits of medieval European cogs.


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