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Taking Another Look: HMS Bounty from Amati Model

Just spotted this article on Ages of Sail that takes a look at one of the long-time ship model kits on the market, Amati’s HMS Bounty kit.

The Bounty has been a subject that’s been turned into wooden kits by a number of manufactures over the years. Some of them include Constructo, Caldercraft, Billing Boats, Mamoli, Mantua, Artesania Latina, and OcCre. But, to me, the Amati kit has always had the most charm. Seeing the photos of the kit again just makes me feel that all the stronger.

With last year’s Amati product price drop at Ages of Sail (at least, I THINK it was last year), the kit is more affordable than ever.

Ages of Sail

Probably the most beautiful wooden model kit of the famed HMS Bounty is the classic 1/60-scale kit from Amati Model. This kit has been around a long time, but it’s popularity has not waned. Here’s a look at the kit, showing why we think so highly of it.

Technically, this small three masted square-rigger is an armed transport, and was purchased by the Royal Navy to acquire breadfruit plants in the Pacific, to be transported to the West Indies. It was during the long uneventful stay in the tropical South Pacific that discipline problems developed, eventually resulting in the famous mutiny against her captain Lieutenant William Bligh.

Probably the most amazing part of the mutiny, however, was the arduous 3,500 nautical mile journey that Bligh and 18 loyal members of the crew made in the ship’s open launch to reach safety.

The ship was originally built as a collier, or…

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