Building a Himi Tenma in 1/10 Scale – Part 5

With the stay-at-home situation continuing here in the Bay Area, I’m finding it a bit difficult to stay motivated on some ship modeling work. But, given that this one is a commissioned project, and it’s simple in the greater scope of ship modeling, I’m driven to move forward with it.

This model is nearing completion and sometimes feels like it’s the only thing that is. I’ll be on its way to its new home soon, and I’ll turn my attention to the finishing up of one of my other projects that’s close to completion.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

Since we’re still under the stay-at-home order and I have time, I’m plowing ahead with the Himi Tenma. I did manage to get some measurements from Douglas Brooks, but mostly, to verify that my beams are fairly close. Not all exactly like the boat built last Fall, but close enough for this project.

With the beams, or funabari, in place, I went ahead and added the decks at the bow and stern. I don’t recall off hand what the term is for the stern deck, but the bow deck is called the kappa. I fit both decks by first making a templates that I cut to fit as best I could in place of the planks.

I cut three planks to make up each of the decks. For the stern deck, I installed a simple strip of wood onto the transom, or todate, to serve as a shelf…

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