Shipmodeling during the COVID-19 crisis

When I started to compose this post, people in my area were voluntarily staying home and practicing social distancing. Events across the Bay Area were being canceled, and, being part of a Japanese music and dance performing group, we were particularly affected by this, as we are quickly approaching Cherry Blossom season, our busiest time of the year.

But that was a whole week ago, before the Bay Area shelter in place order was given and then more recently, the statewide order. The cancelation of all these events seems trivial now as everyone is forced to mostly stay at home. Other states are also issuing similar orders, so we’re almost all facing the same situation.

I hope everyone out there stays safe and healthy and, if you’re getting bored at home, there’s always ship modeling.

I see that Model Expo is closed down due to the coronavirus now. But, Ages of Sail has a huge inventory of ship model kits, fittings, and supplies, and is still shipping, but they’ve closed their show room in San Lorenzo, CA, so orders are only by mail. For those looking for specific kits, particularly the more popular ones, I understand that they will become increasingly difficult to find, as shipments out of Europe are heavily affected.

For me, I have a backlog of projects, that I hope to be able to work on, now that work is so slow. For the blog here, I’m going to finish up the Dana next. Also, there is Woody Joe’s Kitamaebune model that I’ve been posting on the companion site that is pretty far along now, and some other loose ends that need attending to, which I’d like to deal with before long.

Hopefully, we’ll all get through these times and get back to work, but why not have a little fun with some ship modeling in the meantime?



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