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New Shipment of Card Model Kits from Shipyard

It’s nice to see these paper kits in stock again, particularly the laser-cut kits, which Shipyard used to call Laser Cardboard Kits. They’ve since changed their lineup and now produce their boxed kits under the label Laser Cut Kits. This includes the ship models and 1/72-scale lighthouse kits.

Gone are the quay port kits, though they apparently make the dockyard equipment and a “water” base, but only for the 1/72-scale HMS Wolf kit.

The most exciting addition though are the new Cog kits. I’m working on getting my hands on one so I can do a review, and maybe an online build.

Ages of Sail

Over the holidays, we got in a new shipment of kits from the Polish manufacturer of paper ship model and structures kits, Shipyard.

The shipment replenishes most of our stocks of kits, including the big 1/72 scale laser-cut HMS Mercury and HMS Wolf kits.

The best news, though, is that we are now carrying two new ship model kits from Shipyard. These are two 1/72 scale laser-cut kits of Cogs of medieval Europe. These ships were clinker-built vessels with a single mast and a single square sail.

We will have these kits listed as soon as get caught up from the holidays. Stay tuned for more announcements about these two exciting new kits. Ω

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