The Rope News – first issue of 2020

The Rope News is the quarterly newsletter from the Japanese ship model society The Rope, Tokyo. I just received the latest english language version of their newsletter. It is always amazing to see the quality and amount of work that comes out of this and other ship model groups in Japan. They are very active, even holding regular classes for first-time ship modelers using build subjects that are fairly involved, such as Woody Joe’s Charles Royal Yacht, and more recently, for their intermediate class, a 1/48-scale scratch-build of an english cutter.

1/48-scale model of an english cutter being built by Norio Uriu, one of the tutors of their current intermediate model building class.

I am told that this more recent class has 15 students in it. That’s more than all the active, attending members of both of the ship model clubs I belong to!

In any case, you can read this latest issue as it is available to view on the club’s website. I was particularly interested in seeing a build of the Kanrin Maru kit by Woody Joe, which I have. Also, there is a very nice 1/72-scale model of a Japanese whaleboat type called the Senzan-maru, used by the Tokushima clan.

Access the newsletter directly on Google Drive here:

Or check out this and various back issues on the club’s english language site here:


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