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New Shipment of Card Model Kits from Shipyard

It’s nice to see these paper kits in stock again, particularly the laser-cut kits, which Shipyard used to call Laser Cardboard Kits. They’ve since changed their lineup and now produce their boxed kits under the label Laser Cut Kits. This includes the ship models and 1/72-scale lighthouse kits.

Gone are the quay port kits, though they apparently make the dockyard equipment and a “water” base, but only for the 1/72-scale HMS Wolf kit.

The most exciting addition though are the new Cog kits. I’m working on getting my hands on one so I can do a review, and maybe an online build.

Ages of Sail

Over the holidays, we got in a new shipment of kits from the Polish manufacturer of paper ship model and structures kits, Shipyard.

The shipment replenishes most of our stocks of kits, including the big 1/72 scale laser-cut HMS Mercury and HMS Wolf kits.

The best news, though, is that we are now carrying two new ship model kits from Shipyard. These are two 1/72 scale laser-cut kits of Cogs of medieval Europe. These ships were clinker-built vessels with a single mast and a single square sail.

We will have these kits listed as soon as get caught up from the holidays. Stay tuned for more announcements about these two exciting new kits. Ω

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The Rope News – first issue of 2020

The Rope News is the quarterly newsletter from the Japanese ship model society The Rope, Tokyo. I just received the latest english language version of their newsletter. It is always amazing to see the quality and amount of work that comes out of this and other ship model groups in Japan. They are very active, even holding regular classes for first-time ship modelers using build subjects that are fairly involved, such as Woody Joe’s Charles Royal Yacht, and more recently, for their intermediate class, a 1/48-scale scratch-build of an english cutter.

1/48-scale model of an english cutter being built by Norio Uriu, one of the tutors of their current intermediate model building class.

I am told that this more recent class has 15 students in it. That’s more than all the active, attending members of both of the ship model clubs I belong to!

In any case, you can read this latest issue as it is available to view on the club’s website. I was particularly interested in seeing a build of the Kanrin Maru kit by Woody Joe, which I have. Also, there is a very nice 1/72-scale model of a Japanese whaleboat type called the Senzan-maru, used by the Tokushima clan.

Access the newsletter directly on Google Drive here:

Or check out this and various back issues on the club’s english language site here:


Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – Part 11: Standing Rigging

Waxing the Line

Before getting started, I should point out that rigging line gets fuzzy because of the short threads used. To minimize fuzziness, it helps to run the line through a piece of beeswax before using it. Now, this is where paying for this more expensive rigging line from Syren Ship Model Company comes in handy, it’s pre-waxed and fuzz free, so this was a task I didn’t need to deal with.

Bowsprit Guys

The lines that run from the end of the bowsprit back to the sides of the hull are the bowsprit guys. These are probably the easiest to install of all the standing rigging. I used the smaller sized rigging line for these. Attaching these required eyebolts near the tip of the bowsprit, as well as as below the rail, about an inch back from the bow. I simply knotted the line at the eyebolts and secured them with a touch of wood glue.

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Zutta Tenma in 1/10 scale – Himi Rice Field Boat – Final

Recently completed a model of a Himi tabune, or rice field boat, called a Zutta Tenma. This is roughly based on one built by American boatbuilder Douglas Brooks in 2016, for the Himi city museum.

The 1/10 scale model is made from Japanese cedar, or sugi, as is the actual boat.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

The Zutta Tenma is a small Tabune, or rice field boat, from Toyama prefecture. My model is based on a drawing that I got from Douglas Brooks, which is very similar to one he used when he built one in 2016.


The todate or transom on my drawing is in two parts. I could have, made it from a single piece, but I chose to make it in two pieces. Unfortunately, the drawing doesn’t show how these are fastened together. To keep the model simple, I’m assuming that nails of some type were driven down from the top through the short piece of the todate. This is then covered by a board, the name of which I don’t know.

On the face of the todate is a carved symbol of the owner. I don’t know a whole lot about these, but was told it was a yago. That doesn’t…

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Building a Beginning Billing Boats Kit, Dana Fishing Boat – Part 10: Rigging Preparations

Before I continue on with the rigging of the model, there is one more construction assembly to address. The railings on the Dana are made of brass wire, threaded through a hole in each of the brass stanchions. As I mentioned earlier, I painted the stanchions white, but I’m thinking to leave the rail itself bright brass. I haven’t made up my mind on this one. It’s probably easiest to paint them all white, and might be more accurate. Certainly, that’s what the kit instructions seem to show, and it looks good on the box art.

Now, it might be too early to install the rails just yet, as they may get in the way a bit while adding the shrouds and all. I could actually assemble the rails, getting everything bent to shape and all, and leave the final installation until later. However, I’m anxious to make some progress on the rigging and related fittings. So, I’m going ahead with adding some of the rigging detail. Continue reading

New Kit From OcCre Models – Whale Ship Essex – Now in Stock!

Ages of Sail just announced a new shipment of kits just received from OcCre of Spain. The shipment includes the newest of OcCre’s kits, the whale ship Essex.

The kit sport a VERY LOW introductory price of only $129. Looks like a good last minute gift idea for the builder in your family.

Ages of Sail

We just received a new shipment from OcCre Models of Spain, and it includes the brand new wooden ship model kit the Essex.

The Essex was an American whale ship launch from Nantucket in 1799. During a whaling voyage in the Pacific Ocean in 1820, the ship was attacked and sunk by a sperm whale. The story of the Esssex became the basis for Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick.

But, as much of a classic the story of Moby Dick was, the true story of the Essex was a more harrowing tale, as 20 of the ship’s crew managed to take to the ship’s boats. After 3 months at sea, only 8 people survived, resorting to cannibalism to stay alive. They even resorted to drawing lots to determine who was to die to save the others.

The true story of the Essex was the subject of the novel In The Heart…

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12 Days of Sail – Holiday Sale

Here’s another chance to get a deal on ship model and other kits this holiday season. You just have to make sure to place your order on the day your item is on sale!

Ages of Sail

“12 Days of Sails” Sale

at Ages of Sail

Every day, we have different model kits on sale. Find what you want to buy on the list below and visit us on that day to get the discount on the listed items. You can click on the image below to enlarge it.

Sale items and prices are limited to quantity on hand.

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