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Hozugawa Kudari Bune in 1/40 scale

Finally, a completed Japanese traditional boat model. This time, the model is a small, 1/40 scale scratc build of a Hozugawa “downriver” boat. This is the third time I’ve modeled a Hozu river boat – the first being a small fishing boat in 1/10 scale, and the second a miniature diorama of a downriver boat. This one won’t be the last, as I have another fishing boat in 1/10 scale in the works. Plus, I want to do a larger version of the downriver boat, either in 1/20 or maybe even a big one in 1/10 scale.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read this one about the Hozugawa downriver boats: Wasen Models in Miniature – A Hozugawa Downriver Boat

I’ve since added a few details to the model, modernizing it slightly, with the addition of iron reinforcement brackets and a full complement of poles and oars.

I also added the loops to the hull which hold the paddles and steering oars in place when running down the river.

I wasn’t able to get official measurements on these, so I had to rely on photos and estimate the sizes. These are the sizes I came up with:

Sao (pole) – 18 shaku

Paddle (2) – 9 shaku, 7 sun wide blade

Steering Oar – 20 shaku, 7 sun wide blade

Pushing Pole – 9 shaku

Recently, I got myself a miniature shaku square about 3 sun long, so I didn’t actually need to convert…

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