BIG Price Reductions on Amati Kits at Ages of Sail!

This is a big deal, as Amati makes some of the finest ship model kits available, particularly their Victory Models line.

I think the Lady Nelson kit, in particular, is now a great deal. It seemed like a good starter kit to me. But now, at $118, it really can’t be beat.

I have to say that there are a few kits that I’ve been eyeing over the past few years, but the pricing seemed a bit too high. This now brings them down to a point where I may just have to spring for a new ship model kit or two.

Ages of Sail

Ages of Sail and Amati have just worked out a new pricing agreement, which results in big savings for you the customer. Prices have been cut as much as 30-50% on all Amati kits. This is not a sale price, this is all new pricing.


The new prices include beginner kits, classic ship model kits, ships in bottles, non-ship kits, America’s Cup kits… even their Victory Models line of kits!

Check out this sample of some of the new, lower prices:

AM1711/01 Wells Fargo Stage Coach – was $299.00 now $230.99

AM1410 Pinta – was $179.00 now $105.99

AM1413 Mayflower – was $299.00 now $187.95

AM1300/08 Revenge, 1577 – was $549.00 now $429.95

AM1300/02 Bomb Vessel Granado – was $499.00 now $279.00

AM1606 RMS Titanic – was $799.00 now $411.95

AM1300/04 HMS Vanguard – was $1149 now $731.95

But of course there are…

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