Daily Archives: August 26, 2019

Harold Hahn plans now available from NavyBoardModels

I just received word from Winston Scoville that the collection of Harold Hahn plans are now available for purchase at www.navyboardmodels.com. This is described as a collaborative venture of the Hahn family and NavyBoardModels.


The late Harold Hahn was an artist turned ship modeler. Anybody who has been building ship models for any length of time probably knows about this man and his work. For us, he is most well known for his beautiful plank-on-frame ship models, as well as his method of building them.

Now, NavyBoardModels has all of his notes and photos online for you to view freely. There is even a nice biography of the man, written by Dave Stevens who runs The Lumberyard for Model Shipwrights.

As far as I can tell, he Lumberyard still offers timbering sets for the Hahn models, which includes the plans (Not sure why they now call them kits, as in the biography, it is clear that Mr. Hahn was only agreeable to these “kits” if they were called “Timbering Sets”). Those, by the way, also include a nice laser-cut framing jig specific to the model.

The Lumberyard also appears to still sell the CD that includes all the Hahn model photos, but, many of these photos are now viewable for free on the NavyBoardModels site.  Clearly, the NavyBoardModels photos have been “digitally enhanced” slightly, using some kind of filter to sharpen the images. This give the photos a weird grainy quality. Still, it’s free access to view many photos of Mr. Hahn’s beautiful work.

For those who would look down at Harold Hahn’s plans and work as not being accurate, I’d recommend reading the two-part article written about the man and his work by Dave Stevens. Again, you can access this article for free at NavyBoardModels here.