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Building a Tenma-Zukuri Chabune (伝間造茶船) – Part 4

The Tenma-zukuri chabune construction continues. Getting close to finishing this small, 1/20-scale model of an Edo period canal boat. Building it has been a learning experience, and I’m still learning as I go. Even learned something while writing this latest blog post.

Hopefully, I’ll have this model completed for my Japanese boat models display at the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival next month.

Wasen Mokei 和船模型

Uwakoberi, Koberi, and Iron Nails

So, with the koberi in place, I added the small deck at the bow and the ōtoko at the stern. I’m trying to find out the term for these small decks, which are more like steps. On the Hozugawa boats, the small deck at the bow is called omote-amaose. But, that’s an entirely different region, so I expect the term in Tokyo/Edo would be something quite different.

I also added the uwakoberi, which is what in the west, one would refer to as the gunwale or caprail. Each was made from a single piece of wood, wide enough to cover the edges of the hull planking and rub rail. I made mine a little wider, so that there is a slight overhang on the inboard side.

On tenmasen, the uwakoberi could be quite wide, serving as a walkway for the boatmen. I wanted…

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