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Occre Beagle (and Terror) Shipment Update

Waiting with anticipation for the new HMS Beagle kit. But, I’m glad I got the HMS Terror kit when I did. Can I keep myself from buying the HMS Beagle kit right away too? Doubtful.

Just have to wait a little longer for the arrival.

Ages of Sail

While I’m sorry to say that the new HMS Beagle kits have not yet arrived, they are definitely coming soon. We just found out there was some kind of overload on FedEx’s end with a shortage of warehousing space, which delayed transit. But, they should be back on route to us shortly.

On the positive side, if you haven’t had a chance to pre-order your OcCre HMS Beagle kit with the pre-order discount yet, there is still time. You can get your kit for only $188.10. This kit looks very good and we expect it to be very popular. But, don’t worry, we ordered plenty, so we don’t expect to run out any time soon.

And, if you’re interested in the very popular HMS Terror kit, sadly, we just sold the last of our stock today. Fear not, there are more coming in the OcCre shipment along with the new…

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