IPMS Show Follow-Up

The SVSM 2019 Classic was the name of the IPMS show held March 19th, 2019, at San Jose’s Napredak Hall. The South Bay Model Shipwrights and Ages of Sail had adjacent tables at the event and I was manning the Ages of Sail table for the whole day.

SBMS members James Lunt and Jacob Cohn demonstrating ship modeling skills and talking with visitors to the table.

SBMS member Jacob Cohn demonstrating his rigging skills as he adds ratlines to his 3/16″ scale HMS Sultana model.

It was definitely a long day for me, but I sold a lot of tools, a couple kits, and got to talk with a lot of existing and potential customers.

SBMS VP Ken Lum setting up a slide show display. Behind him is a wagon load of “free stuff” to give away at the show – mostly old fittings, unwanted partial kits, and the like.

Ages of Sail customers and potential customers and people generally curious about ship modeling.

Since I was there anyway, I thought I’d go ahead and enter a couple models in the contest. Being wood at a show that is predominantly about plastic models, realistic paint schemes, and such, I didn’t think they would win anything. I don’t even know if they qualified to win anything. But, I entered them anyway. Didn’t win anything, but it was nice to get a couple wooden models out under the public eye.

My Amati Swedish Gunboat and my Woody Joe Higaki-kaisen models.

And, while I was at it, I made sure to look around at the various models on display. They were all very well done, but what always catches my attention are those models I remember wanting to build as a kid. In particular, there was a classic old kit that I know has been re-released at least once of the Apollo command and service modules with clear sections so you could see the interior. I remember a friend of mine built the kit and I was always envious.

Lots of models to see including some real space as well as sci-fi and fantasy, but mostly aircraft, cars, and tanks.

I don’t know if I’ll enter anything again, but it was fun being at the event. At minimum, I expect I’ll bring something to show at the SBMS table. But, hopefully, Ages of Sail has gotten at least a couple new customers and some name recognition, and the South Bay Model Shipwrights will have at least one new member. Ω



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