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HMS Terror Kits – Back in Stock, Price Increase, Special Discount

Ages of Sail has more of this historic ship model kit in stock. And, since OcCre’s upcoming HMS Beagle kit is still in the “upcoming” stage and not yet available, I broke down and got one.

Yeah, I was picking up some stuff at the Ages of Sail shop to take over to the IPMS show I’m working at tomorrow, and I just couldn’t help myself. I know, I have enough stuff to work on, but now that I have this kit in hand, I’m actually more excited about it than before.

I really think this is going to be a particularly interesting build, and I’ve started perusing Matthew Betts’s blog site and thinking about modifications I’m going to want to make to the kit. Not only that, but I started re-watching the AMC series The Terror.

If you’re considering buying a ship model kit, you should really check out this one. It seems to be a very good value.

Ages of Sail

OcCre’s wooden model kit of the arctic exploration ship HMS Terror is back in stock at Ages of Sail!

Click Here to Buy Your HMS Terror Kit

The bad news is that the manufacturer increased the price of the kit, so our full retail price is now $209. However, the good news is that this is still an incredible value for a kit of this quality and detail. Also, to help out, we’re offering a special limited time pricing of only $188.10.

Click Here to Buy Your HMS Terror Kit

The real ship and the Franklin Expedition of which Terror was a part is the subject of the AMC series The Terror. Need some inspiration? Check out these Youtube clips:

The 1/65-scale kit is based on the research and drawings developed by ship modeler Mathew Betts. You can read about his work, as well as his involvement in the TV…

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