At the 2018 NRG Conference

The 2018 Nautical Research Guild Conference is in progress and I’ve been here manning a vendor table for Ages of Sail. I’m not thrilled with being in Las Vegas, just not my thing, but I’ve managed to get by. The event is being held at the Palace Station Hotel and Casino, and located on the second floor.

The event is lightly attended, but the those here seem to be enjoying the talks and workshop round tables. There are only two other vendors here besides Ages of Sail, so the table gets extra attention. Makes time pass more quickly.

Sherline lathe demonstration

Of course, at these events, there are always really nice models on display, and this year is no different.

This was just a sample of the models on display. There were more. The last two photos are, of course, my own Japanese boat models, which I brought since I was able to drive to the event.

NRG membership meeting on Friday afternoon

Right now, it’s Saturday, and things are just starting to wind down a bit. Some modelers have packed up and are leaving, and the vendor room will close this evening, so I’ll be packing up this afternoon.

Hopefully, we’ll sell a little bit more before then. I’m hopeful there will be one less kit to ship back to the shop and one less item I have to drive back when I leave tomorrow morning.



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